Turning a Corner | My Personal Rise Up Update

Turning a Corner | My Personal Rise Up Update

I do wonder when I'm going to genuinely say "I'm doing good" when people ask how I'm doing. Number one, I hate that question because there are million different things firing in my brain when it's asked. But my only answer is "I'm doing okay." Which feels so fake, so safe. But its the true and honest only thing I know to answer. I'm not doing terrible, I'm not doing great, so okay is actually...okay.

2017 | A Collection of Favorites

Women Who Rise.

Beautiful, emotion weddings.

Sweet family memories.

There was a lot of good this year, a lot of remarkable and strong women, countless families. I'm grateful for the people that came along in 2017. I'm grateful for such a cool job that gives me the opportunity to meet so man you, that I otherwise would never have known. Thanks for coming along for this crazy ride.


Backyard Family Session | Oklahoma Family Photographer

This fall I photographed way too many families to count. It was an immense blessing to serve so many of you, but with being as busy I was I hardly had a spare second to feature any of your beautiful photos!

The Hayes' are longtime friends and we literally spent only 15 minutes together one Saturday morning in their backyard to get a few family photos. I mean, with a backyard like this I would want to do my photos here too! Central Oklahoma can be full of surprises and pretty places.

There was no shortage of laughter and fun memories, and plenty of "boys get away from the water!"