Baby Kohl | A Home Birth Story

I can't even describe how excited I am to share this birth story with you. After photographing 3 beautiful and perfect c-section births, I finally got to photograph something a bit different! I now know what everyone talks about when they say witnessing a home birth is a total game changer. 

I hope most of all, that after reading this and seeing these photos, you'll see the beauty of a home birth. It's easy to look at home birth and imagine it to be scary and unpredictable, but it's anything but that. I've never witnessed anything so peaceful, (yes, I really did just describe a birth as being peaceful!) and I absolutely want women to feel more educated and empowered to make the best choices for them :)

This experience was a whirlwind for everyone involved. We'd all heard from Brittney around 8am on July 28th that she may be in early labor, but not to get excited. At around 1:30pm, I texted her for an update, and at that point things were still slow. However, I received an urgent text not 45 minutes later that said, "come now."

I arrived at her home shortly after 3 pm as she was just getting in the birthing pool. Brittney was already surrounded by the most incredible and supportive birth team. Her husband, Josh, never left her side, quietly encouraging her with each contraction. No sooner than it all began, Baby J was born at 4:16 pm, weighing 8lbs 1oz!

Every birth is beautiful and amazing, but there was something about watching Brittney peacefully and so easily breathe her baby down and out into this world that left me speechless. As she lifted him up out of the water and declared "You're a boy!," there was not a dry eye in the room. Brittney also has her own words to add, which I'll conclude with below.

"As I reflect back on my most recent birth experience, I am so glad I chose to bring our baby into the world at home. I've had a good hospital birth experience, but this was by far way more peaceful and sacred. I'm so thankful I had the supportive and respectful team that I did- including Stephanie. She was supportive and encouraging when I thought labor had started but it was still days away. And when the real day came- she got to my house so fast! I was really impressed by her willingness and dedication. She helped keep my birthing space calm and sacred by being a quiet, observant photographer and friend. She stayed to photograph the short labor, the birth, and the first few hours bonding. I'm so grateful she stayed to capture so many beautiful moments that we can now easily treasure through her talent! My birth was fast but not furious and I hope those who view these photos will see how amazing and calm birth can be!"   

A huge thank you to her birth team, whom I want to recognize here. 

Dawn Karlin - Midwife
Lauren Scarborough - Birth Assistant
Crystal Wright - Doula
Emilie Wilson - Doula
Kalli Wolf - Doula Assistant