Hayes Family | A Lifestyle Maternity Session

At the end of December, Leah and I were at the gym together and she mentioned that her and Tyler were thinking about trying for another baby. I couldn't be more thrilled!

I remember praying to myself in that moment that my sweet friends would not know the struggle of secondary infertility and that God would bless them quickly with the desires of their hearts. I don't know why, then, I was surprised when she let me know just 3 weeks later that they were pregnant!

And now here we are, just weeks away from Mr. Emerson's estimated due date, and I think I'm feeling the anticipation right along with Leah and her family! This is definitely one birth I'm anxious to get to photograph :)

Leah and Tyler opted for a relaxed and comfy lifestyle session, which you all should know by now I absolutely love. I think Tyler was even cleaning the kitchen while were doing part of their session! So here's a tiny little glimpse into their lives as they anticipate Emerson's arrival <3