On Competition | A Personal Post

*If you don't like reading blog content, feel free to skip it all and see some favorite photos of Josiah from 2015 so far*

I don't like coming in 2nd place. Really, I just don't like competition.

Growing up playing softball I would switch teams about every other year. I kept getting better at my game and would get to play on better teams. After 8 years, the team I played for won the softball world series in Knoxville Tennessee. I was finally on top and it was incredible!

These days in photography feel a bit like my early days in softball. I loved the game, I had some raw talent, but I was young. And to be truly great and respected simply takes time and a lot of work.

It's easy to feel like this photography business is a competition. And truth is, there are a ton of really incredible photographers out there (there was a slew of softball talent as well). But there is only one me. I am the only person who can offer this unique experience, perspective & relationship. My only true competition is myself.

Today, may my client relationships be more intentional and meaningful than yesterday.
Today, may my art challenge the standards I placed on myself yesterday.
Today, may I remember that I am deeply loved by a good, good Father, and He is perfect in all of His ways.