Celebrating 5 years of Marriage | Breckenridge Colorado

It's no secret. I love the mountains. I love adventure. I LOVE Colorado, guys. Is it possible to take bad photos when you're a wedding photographer in Denver, or Boulder, or Breckenridge? It's a dream written deep in my soul to live in this place. Some day. In the meantime, I just need ya'll to refer me to all of your Colorado friends getting married, and I'm sure to offer some pretty sweet deals :)

I can't believe I haven't blogged these photos yet! I spent a long time envisioning a session like this, and it was truly a dream come true. Ricky and Elizabeth hosted my husband and I when we took a short vacation to Colorado in August. They housed us, drove us everywhere, and took us on the absolute BEST adventures. Gifting them with photos to celebrate their 5th anniversary was the least I could do to thank them for such an amazing time.

Nothing compares to the clean air at 10,000 ft, the way the mountains remind you how small you really are, and being in love with your best friend.