Oklahoma City Newborn Lifestyle Photos

I've talked a lot in the past about how newborn photos are highly unpredictable. Things often don't go according to our own plans. That's never been more true than with this family.

Their sweet new guy just wanted to nurse without end this particular day, and if he wasn't nursing he was crying. So we took full advantage of big brother and allowed him to steal the show :) I know as a new mom it can be overwhelming, and yes frustrating, when your session goes in this direction. And my hope that when this happens, is that you can still trust me to document the raw and beautiful moments that exist within the chaos. Lifestyle is real, it's honest, and it allows you to look back months or years down the road with thankfulness in your heart.

I felt the chaos this day along with the family, I understood the tension of do we continue trying to shoot, or just call it a day? And now after looking back at these photos a few months later, I think they are stunningly beautiful. Bethany & Micah, I pray that you see this as all part of the adventure, and that your hearts are surrendered to the peace and joy of Jesus. Your family is incredible!