Baby Isabella | A Birth Story

Birth is the most unpredictable event we plan for. Ever. There is simply no way to know how things are going to go. We prepare, we write up our birth plan, we begin to dream (and maybe worry too) about what it will all be like. And no matter how many details we outline in our plans, sometimes babies just have other plans.

After many, many, long and hard hours of labor, Sarah and her doctors agreed that a c-section was the safest way to bring Isabella into the world. It's heartbreaking when plans don't go how you imagined them. But a c-section birth is no less beautiful, no less awe-inspiring, and certainly no less of a birth. Your body still nurtured, grew, and brought forth a precious life into this world. And those fleeting first few hours together? Priceless. 

I love to see Daddy's quiet and deep adoration for his baby girl. And such elation from all of Isabella's family! These moments are so worth it! Isabella wrote her own birth story, and I think it's just beautiful.