Families at Home | Uptown OKC Newborn Photos

Do you remember the first few weeks with your newborn? Yeah, me neither. Which is why I LOVE THESE PHOTOS. Oh they tell such a raw and honest story. One that is silly and crazy, but ultimately full of intense love for this new tiny human. Photographing families at home never, ever gets old.

Jude was finishing up a snack and Susan was doing her hair when I arrived. Little Miss Naomi needed some extra snuggles and a snack before we really got going, so Jude was more than eager to show me his toys and play adventurous games with me. 

I posted on my instagram a few days ago, but I'm writing it again here. I know, without a doubt, that no woman feels glamorous or beautiful in the days and weeks after having a baby. But when I saw these photos of Susan holding Naomi and giving her kisses, I swore motherhood never looked so amazing. There is a tenderness, a gentleness, that is radiant. And I'm sure it would melt any woman's heart seeing her husband snuggling their sleepy baby, amiright?!

Listen. Don't let newborn photos be a stressful thing. Trust your photographer to do her thing and make it as smooth as possible. It's worth it. Always, always worth it <3