The First Look | Winter Wedding in Moore, Oklahoma

Christina and Chase were married at the Old Town auditorium in Moore back in February. 

Winter in Oklahoma can be an absolute gamble, but their day was filled with sunshine and only a slightly bitter cold (see fur blanket photos below!) I wanted to share their bride and groom photos and talk about the advantage of a first look, especially if you are planning a late fall or winter wedding.

In that time of year the sun sets around 5:30. Most ceremonies are planned for 5:30 - or later! So without a first look it would have been impossible to get the beautiful, natural light photos that Christina and Chase ended up with. And it in no way diminished the emotion when she walked down the aisle (I mean, that's the moment you've dreamt of your entire lives, right?! Nothing changes that)

I'll add that I promise to never pressure you to do something you don't want. If a first look is totally out of the question, friend, it is your wedding and not mine :) Your photos are still going to be ridiculously amazing. If we aren't able to achieve outdoor, natural light photos on your wedding day, there's always an option for what I call a "Day After" session, where you both get to get all dressed up again and we do extra wedding photos.

Oh, and never underestimate me when I talk about how beautiful dead grass is with winter sunlight. Christina thought I was nuts until she saw the photos later. Thanks, guys, for trusting me completely with your wedding day!