Hannah+Kenny | Maternity Photography

Well I realize these maternity photos are old news to most people. But these are honestly some of my favorite photos to date. And I want to tell you why :)

Hannah trusted me, in part because we are close friends, but also because she knew what I could create if given the freedom to do so. This is the first time I was given the chance to work inside someone's home, and there is a natural sweetness and intimacy that emerges when you're in your own home. To me, these are more than just pretty photos. I can feel Hannah's anticipation and longing for her baby girl. I can feel her joy at this season of life. She makes pregnancy look easy and effortless (and any woman who has been pregnant knows that it's mostly anything but that!)

Dear friend, I can't believe that you will become a momma this month. I'm so excited for the joy you are about to experience, and I thank God that He has chosen to bless you with such a precious gift. I can't wait to meet sweet Maya <3