The Harrison's | Dallas Maternity Photography

Let's take a little flashback here. Nearly 3 years ago I had a tiny baby and I was just starting my weight loss journey, working out every day after work at good ol' Anytime Fitness in Roanoke, Texas.

There were two other women chatting like crazy on the treadmills one day, and I just wanted someone to talk to. So I jumped right into their conversation and it wasn't long before we were planning our workouts to make sure we were at the gym at the same time. A few months later my husband got a job here in Oklahoma, and we moved away from the Dallas area, yet somehow, Facebook kept us all mildly connected.

Despite time and distance, Kristen contacted me at the beginning of October and asked if I'd be willing to travel back to Dallas to photograph this journey with their first baby. Hands down, a million times yes! I'm sure I say this every time with every person, but I just feel so honored to document these momentous times in people's lives. And getting asked to travel when there are a million other photographers you could choose? Well, I'm incredibly thankful. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here is Kristen & Windell's Dallas maternity photography session.