Fall Inspired Picnic Wedding | Styled Wedding Photography

Happy Wedding Wednesday, my friends. I'm so excited about this session, because it feels a bit like my own baby, that I nurtured and grew and gave so much love and attention to. I wanted to create a laid-back, joy-filled wedding scene; something beautiful but definitely not over the top. After spending the past year mostly taking a break from weddings, I wanted images to show who I've become as an artist (laid-back and joy-filled are pretty spot on).

I'm definitely not here to say hey look at these, I'm the best ever! Ha! Far from it. But am I proud of my first styled wedding photography shoot? Of course! I'm incredibly thankful for the super sweet and amazing people that made this possible. Christina Sanders made the amazing and beautiful cake (I had two slices after the shoot, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!). My gorgeous friends Lauren and Clint happily obliged to by my models (maybe Clint just did it to make his wife happy - so thanks Clint!). All of those perfect fall flowers came from Whole Foods, and the rest of the props were things I already owned, minus an item or two likely from Ross ;-)

And if you read all of that, well then you rock, because I know you only came here to see pretty pictures. Enjoy this fall inspired picnic styled wedding.