Old Trinity of Paseo | An Intimate Wedding

On June 11th, I arrived at the Skirvin Hotel in Downtown and went up the elevator to the 6th floor. It's always these moments right before I knock on a bride's door that I have to take a few deep breaths, shake out the nerves, and pray that God would be with us. Year number 3 in business and the nerves will still hit, without fail. 

I walked in and felt the frenzy immediately. The baby's tux was missing, entire suitcases had been lost during a chaotic room change, and the bride was changing a dirty diaper. But Jada told me "Hey I'm good, it's my wedding day, I just want to get married!" My kind of girl, ya'll, my kind of girl. Don't worry, the tux and luggage were quickly recovered! After getting ready, we spent an entire 2 minutes outside in the pounding sun before deciding the Skirvin Ballroom was the place to be. It was HOT. 

Their ceremony and reception was at the Old Trinity of Paseo. If you've never been to the Old Trinity of Paseo, it's the most quaint and intimate little event center. After a wedding ceremony, everyone exits the building for a cocktail hour while they transform it into the reception. These ladies who run the place and transform it are amazing, but it certainly creates a hiccup when Oklahoma decides to unleash a storm out of nowhere. (Mind you, it was full sun and hot misery when we arrived just an hour prior!) We walked outside after the ceremony to do pictures, and not 2 minutes in, the skies opened up. The storm was a slow one, but thankfully moved out in time for us to finish up pictures before it became dark outside. But it definitely made me hold my breath for a while!

Thank you, Jada & John, for the honor of spending this day with you. Huge shoutout to the ladies of Old Trinity - ya'll are fantastic, even with crazy and unexpected weather. And we can't forget Big Truck Tacos. Wherever their food truck shows up, you know it's going to be the best party. Enjoy!