Rosemary Ridge | Oklahoma Winter Wedding

I met Craig and Courtney in August and when they told me they were getting married in January, I jokingly commented that it will probably be the one weekend in all of winter that we get a snow storm.

I shouldn't joke about things like that.

Two days before their wedding it snowed (and looking back I do believe it was the only time we got snow this year). Thankfully it wasn't a blizzard, just enough to make for a picturesque backdrop. Still, I don't plan to make jokes like that in the future :)

One of my favorite moments from their day was the first look, hands down. As we were getting ready for the first look I asked Craig what he was most looking forward to about getting married. He told me he simply couldn't wait to just wake up next to her every day. I told Courtney his answer as we walked out to meet him, and y'all the tears were free flowing when they saw each other. It was absolutely one of the most special first looks I've had the privilege of capturing.