Wildflowers and Summer Storms | Oklahoma City Bridals

I looked at the weather forecast and became a little nervous. We were already pushing a pretty tight deadline to get Kelsie's bridals done, ahem, before the day of her wedding. I was zooming in to the exact photo location and meteorologist me was trying to track projectories! I texted Kelsie and said we're doing this - it's gonna happen!

Ya'll are gonna think I'm crazy, but my previous location plans didn't work out and that morning I was asking God to lead me where to go. And I sensed very clearly where to go, so I drove to this spot, and I KNEW this was it. How cool is that? On one side of the road was this white picket fence with beautiful yellow wildflowers growing. So when the storm provided a crazy, looming storms that evening, it basically took my breath away to see Kelsie standing against that backdrop. I knew it would be hard to wait to share her bridals, but alas she's a married girl now. Enjoy!