My Year in Review | Favorite Photos of 2016

I used to have a personal blog way back in the day called Expecting the Unexpected. This seems to be a theme for my life. And looking back at 2016 and thinking about this year in review, there couldn't be truer words.

After virtually quitting the wedding scene in 2015, it made me realize that I actually did love weddings. And I somehow booked 5 this year after not even trying to pursue it. Each couple I worked with was incredibly down to earth and sweet as pie. I am so thankful for the relationships I now have with them. Talk about unexpected, being able to jump right back into wedding photography.

Families at home. It started with a friend, who had a bunch of friends who were all having babies. Capturing these newborns and families at home have become my FAVORITE. I never know what to expect with newborns and the guesswork certainly keeps me on my toes. I love the challenge of getting a feel for the dynamics of a family inside their home and trying to authentically capture their lives in that fleeting season. 

Baptisms. This is one I don't share on social media as it's simply a thing I volunteer to do at my church. But oh my word y'all!! These are the most emotional, beautiful, tear inducing moments I've been a part of! There's just a few at the bottom of this post.

There are countless other families, engagements, and my own family mixed in. There are stories behind some of these photos that no one knows, of how God filled me with faith when I felt like a fraud and had no clue what I was doing. There are stories of accidents that turned out to be the most beautiful shot possible (and I learned from those accidents how to capture it again!) There are stories of my heart broken and shattered in pieces, and asking God for grace to still capture someone's family. I wish I could share more of the story behind the stories!

Thank you, a million times thank you, to each person I worked with this past year. I prayed for every single one of you before every single session. I asked God to allow me bless you and to create a space for joy and fun memories in your life. For your photos to be what your heart desired. I know I didn't get it perfect every time. No one can. But I hope that your memories are cherished, and I hope that you felt loved and cared for. 

Here's to choosing to see the good from this past year, and never growing weary of hope for the future.